Unforgiveness ...the Narcissists fuel 

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I found great solace in reading this excellent article which really gets to the crux of what creates NPD and the connection between the lack of Gratitude towards other fellow human beings and lack of Divinity or connection to Bhagwan (God).

The fact that we had two very destructive narcs in our circle of volunteers who eventually built up a mountain of resentment and unforgiveness towards Sree Maa Shri Ji, vindictively joined together and then decided to act this anger and rage out by commissioning a writer to discredit Kosmic Fusion really backs up this post below.

Irene/Joy Awakening has not launched a you tube channel in which she continues to launch her smear campaign against those who cared and supported her. In my observations she is in fact projecting her inappropriate feelings onto her new supply who happens to be a pop star as she has been scorned by Hanuman whom she once had strong feelings for.

Did you know that 1 narciss…

Your Pain is the Narcissists Bliss

The Principle foundations of Kosmic Fusion were to remain the non-doer this was always part of the original philosophy taught by Sree Maa Shri Ji.

Dallia/Iphenigie was constantly asking questions about the doer saying that she didn't get it. Dallia/Iphenigie was always introducing doubt into the minds of the FiTs. This constant undermining of Sree Maa Shri Ji's teachings was a subtle manipulation and projection to maintain a position of power within Kosmic Fusion.

I remember having a conversation with her when she came to Australia in 2015 where she was questioning me and implying that Kosmic Fusion was a cult. She really had been thinking about this for a long time. What was interesting was that Dallia/Iphenigie was given the choice to leave when ever she wanted however she did not take this choice.

She then invited herself into the Ashram in 2016 to live and began to take the lead in all the events. At that time i was sharing some on line meditations with Ekta and Dallia/Ip…


One of the incidents I can recall was when i traveled to India on my pilgrimage with Sree Maa who was taking us on a Temple Tour to visit the Swaminarayan Temples in Gujrat. During the trip I made the grave mistake of entering a temple before mensuration had finished. There are strict rules around this in the Swaminarayan Sampraday and due to my ignorance I made this mistake of not following the correct protocols. This had certain energetic repercussions on Sree Maa Shri Ji which I will not go into detail about. My natural response was to feel extremely remorseful for my Agyan (ignorance).

During the bus trip i sat next to Dallia/Iphenigie and she was speaking to me, but rather than trying to console me she was blaming and reprimanding me for my error. She was the first to tell me how wrong I had been. At this time I did not know what her "real" face was like, i had only experienced her "false" face.

Later that day she spent some time talking to me however, i bega…

Behind the Mask - The dark night of the Soul


The Non-Doer

The founding principle of Kosmic Fusion was to be the non-doer, eventually i began to volunteer for events and expos and in 2014 Sree Maa Shri Ji stopped travelling to events and were energetically present at all events. Unfortunately due to some of the volunteers thinking that they were now "in charge" of the events, things began to unfold in a very toxic way.

In the group there were several members with  narcissist traits, that's when the havoc began.

As we know narcissists love to create chaos and havoc with their many tactics of flying monkeys, devaluing, blaming others, anger and retaliation. They literally suck energy from others around them and Enjoy causing pain confusion and distress to others.

Little did i know that i was about to be the next target of a narcissist and began a long journey of being set up as another victim who was going to be used abused and discarded.

Below is a really great article on the Cycle of Narccissm


Gaslighting and other games of deception.

Gaslighting by the Narc

In this blog I would like to highlight one of the exercises done in the F.i.T. program. 
This exercise was set as a Bonding exercise among the Sydney Team who were at the time having issues communicating. Some of the F.i.T.s came up with this activity to do at the retreat so that we could iron out any issues that existed within the team. 

The exercise was emailed to us and outlined below:

Jai Shree Swaminarayan _/\_
Dear Komal, Hanuman, Mala, Jwala and Simran In preparation for the upcoming reunion, there is a small exercise that we would like all Sydney Fits to participate in. Each one will write observations about the other 4. For example, Komal will write about what she has observed about Hanuman, Mala, Jwala and Simran. Similarly, everyone will write observations about the other 4. Remember, refrain from drawing judgements or giving opinions/feedback as then the small self is at play, but to really sit in Bhakti Bhaav and let the observations flow impersonally. Th…